Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Daily Painters Virtual Studio Tour

Welcome to the Daily Painters Studio Tour -- virtual that is. Well, this is my little studio for the time being. Actually, its a corner in one of the driest rooms in the house since the first storm damaged our home back in September. Insurance delays and three storms later finds me moving into a steel office building in a few days...for a couple of months they tell me. I'll be able to watch the reconstruction and a day to day view of the house coming back together again. Half of my things have been moved out already and I'm in the process of shipping several paintings to a gallery in Texas for a show later in January. So c'mon in.....its a mess, boxes are everywhere..... but its dry. ;)


jeanneillenye said...

Sounds like you've been through a lot with the storms recently! However, it will be very exciting to watch the progress of the restoration, and through it all you'll no doubt just keep painting! Nothing can deter that creative process.... Jeanne


Thanks for stopping by Jeanne. You're so right.... I can't wait to see the house come back together again. I firmly believe this is a blessing in disguise for so many involved. Painting has helped me through it all. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

thawtex said...

Jacqui Faye, so nice to see you are able to work again. I can't imagine going through what you are just now. Thanks for sharing your studio photo and continuing to paint and share your paintings! You'll probably have a much better studio to go back to!!!
All the best, -Thaw


Thaw - so kind of you to drop me a line.

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