Friday, January 29, 2010

"Like a Duck..."

Like a Duck... by jacqui faye
acrylic on linen; 30 in X 10 in (76.2 cm X 25.4 cm)
50% or more of purchase price will be donated to Webfoot Rescue of Gilbert, AZ

PC Private Collection, AZAbout this painting: Not too long ago I helped rescue a mallard with a broken wing. Actually, all I did was call Tammy at Webfoot Rescue, and between her, Dell and myself were able to catch him. This duck (I nicknamed him Harold :) along with many others are in need of medical attention. Tammy relies on donations and many times pays for the care herself. She and her volunteers have a great organization with quite a few ducks, geese, chickens and even cats. For more information, please visit her site at .


mizmilvi said...

What a departure from the more frequently seen shoes and sexy women. This is a lovely painting - the colours are cheerful and the duck is adorable. Looks like as still as he is trying to be, the ripple in the water was unavoidable. Really nice!!

Jacqui Faye said...

thanks milvi.... i love to stir things up now and then LOL

D's World said...

Hi:) I've been a follower of your blog for quite some time but never had the guts to leave you a comment. I must tell you I absolutely love your blog and your paitings. If I had a new home to decorate I would certainly pick a few of your paintings for the walls!
The duck looks AMAZING! You're a truly gifted painter and I love your art!
Hugs your way! Have a nice weekend

Jacqui Faye said...

So sweet of you to take the time to say what you did. I really appreciate it. You made my day. Thanks for the smiles.

Jennifer Morrison - A Fine Artist said...

A duck! LOL! It is a lovely duck! I was not expecting that! Keeping us on our toes!!! LOL!!

Jacqui Faye said...

Hi Jennifer..... i guess i did surprise a few people..... i figured this was the best way to help that poor duck. I got rather attached to him before they rescued him.

Todd Bonita said...

Love the duck, the unique horizontal canvas and the title. I would have expected to see some red shoes on him LOL Hes awesome

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