Monday, January 18, 2010

Underneath It All by Jacqui Faye

Underneath It All by Jacqui Faye
Red Shoe Series, 2010
24"x36", acrylic on linen
SOLD Private Collection, Jefferson City, Missouri


mizmilvi said...

Lovely painting. You incorporate so many familiar elements from other works - b&w stripes, black reflective floor, gold color (in the throw and of course the red sexy shoes.

Jacqui Faye said...

Thanks Milvi for such thoughtful comments. I've always had a thing for stripes. :)

Aimee Lines said...

These painting are so amazing, I want to produce paintings like this in time.

I am going to be using your art for my fine art project at college :)

If you can, I'd love to get some information from you!

Please email me if you can -

I tried the links to email you, but they aren't working.

thankyou xx

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