jacqui faye's most recent work, the Red Shoe series, is figurative with an unusual twist -- her fictional subjects are often painted from the shoulders, waist, hips, or knees down portrayed with the always present red shoes. 

“In this series, which began with the Red Shoe Dailies, I try to unite the outward physical beauty of the female form with an inner confidence and poise through the painted story -- interpreted, or even at times, recognized by the viewer through anonymity of the character. The pose and background communicate the emotion of the painting through romance, self-confidence, femininity, and allure. Passion is the uniting theme of the series--symbolized by the red shoes of course. But more than that, I hope the passion behind each painting will draw the viewer in to interpret the mystery or intrigue within each character.”This page is being updated with more paintings. Please return soon.

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